The Third Order of the Lion of Styria:

The Third Order of the Lion of Styria (OLS) is an apostolic religious order of chivalry under the protection of the Metropolitan See. The Spiritual Grandmaster and patron bishop is +David Leon Cooper, Metropolitan Archbishop.

The OLS is open to Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and members of other conservative apostolic churches. Members must vow to support the traditional morality common to the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Both men and women may become members. Men are knights and women styled dames. Both are considered "Religious." It is an "Apostolic Order of Chivalry" and religious order.

Members are allowed to choose their own "good works." They select their own charitable activities and prayer life in serving Jesus Christ. Signed vows are necessary to enter. Either the Secular Grandmaster or the Spiritual Grandmaster may receive brother knights or sister dames. Women are received as a Dame Grand Cross and are referred to as "Lady." Men are called "Brother" and may use the title Don, Sir, Dom or the German equivalent.

Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry:

The ecclesiastical jurisdiction including the Knights of God and the Third Order of the Lion of Styria. It is an archbishopric under the Metropolitan Archdiocese as the titular see of occupied North Cyprus and Ayia Anastasia, the desecrated church. It was founded November 2, 2002 by Patriarch Alexis I (+George A. Bussmann, SGS) as a diocese. +David Leon Cooper was appointed to that see at that time. The OLS was added on May 1, 2010.

Special Notice:

Special Notice: We are providing researched academic writings in this area. Critics should be willing to put up their references if they challenge this scholarship.

Grand Council of the Sacred Magistery of the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry:

Additionally, I am looking for several council members for the Grand Council of the Sacred Majistery of the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry. It is open to any individual who is presently a member of any of our orders. It is a life appointment. A medal will be issued with a certificate. No other medals of this type will ever be issued. Only 13 of this type were made.

The archdiocesan council is the Grand Council of the Sacred Magistery of the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry. It also includes the Knights of God Apostolic, the Archbishop's Guard of St. Sebastian and the Third Order of the Lion of Styria. There are 7 honorary officers of that counci:

  1. Grand Chancellor (vacant)
  2. Bailif and Protector of the Orders (vacant);
  3. Marshal (currently His Excellency Brother Oleg Khilkevich, KTGA, Baron);
  4. Grand Officer (currently Prince Mauricio Guerios);
  5. Sergeant; (vacant)
  6. Standard Bearer; (vacant) and
  7. Magistral Delegate (vacant)
  8. The Archbishop's Guard of St. Sebastian

These members of the council advise the Metropolitan Archbishop and monitor moral purity in the orders.

Blogs and Uneducated or Misinformed Individuals:

There is some chatter out there regarding orders of chivalry, certain royals, etc. We have noticed that the comments indicate ignorance. Certain individuals do not understand the legal significance of "de jure" royal claims under international law. They do not understand the rights of those with bloodlines of the former reigning houses of Europe, Russia and the Byzantine Empire. His Royal and Imperial Highness Prince Mauricio has explained this in scholarly work. We suggest that the ignorant read Dr. Mauricio.

Some of these same ignorant individuals make incorrect statements about the independent Orthodox and Catholic Churches. They do not understand the difference between church governance and validity of Holy Orders in those churches. The Roman Catholic Church holds to indelibility of Holy Orders. That means that even if a bishop is excommunicated, he still is a bishop with effective powers of Orders. He can ordain other bishops and priests. They will be considered valid. They do not recognize their right to govern the churches that they develop. Nevertheless, in Rome's eyes they are valid priests and bishops!

The Eastern Orthodox do not have this view. Many Greek Orthodox would say that the Roman Catholic Church is not even valid!! (So much for that opinion.)

The Independent Catholics, Old Catholics, Western Orthodox/Orthodox Catholics, Anglicans,etc. take the Roman view of validity. None--not even the archbishop of Canterbury--is considered an adequate governor of his church by Rome. (Nevertheless, most Anglicans are considered quite valid.) Old Catholics are definitely considered valid. Orthodox are considered valid--yes, even break off "independent" Orthodox.

Churches like ours have all of these lines of Apostolic Succession. Thus, we are considered valid. We do not care about their attitudes regarding our governance--they do not agree between themselves either! Rome might say that Orthodox can govern themselves, but the Greek Orthodox will not say Rome does!!

Churches in Communion

The Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Jerusalemite rite Church.

Communion of Autocephalous Ecclesiastical Jerusalemite and Primitive.(Holy Throne Primate) (+Alexander Maia, "Alexander I" current Primate)